During the initial discussion, we’ll establish your personal requirements and develop a clear project brief. Like any healthy relationship, communication is key. This brief will help you anticipate what’s to come through each phase of the project. You’ll be paired with one of our project managers from the beginning, so you’ll always have a direct line for any questions or concerns that arise during the process. This is how we maintain our high standard of quality and efficiency.


We offer a complimentary home visit
to discuss your needs and take measurements of your space. This gives us a clear understanding of the full scope of work, and to understand your vision and needs on a personal level. We’ll also discuss layouts, floor plans, and design to create an appropriate budget and timeline.  


We work with expert designers, who will help you match various materials, fixtures, and finishes to the vision you have for your dream space. Then we’ll present a rough estimate for your renovation or construction project.  Our designers will work on 3D renderings and sample selections to create a beautiful design to fit within the project scope and budget.


This topic can be a stressful one, and we want to mitigate this pressure for you as much as possible upfront. We’ll prepare a detailed cost proposal for materials and any required renovations, which we’ll walk through in detail with you, and refine until you’re confident moving forward.



We know that the details are what make your space unique and a reflection of you and your family. Your carefully selected designer will work directly with you to ensure the project has all the final touches and accessories, from the tiniest of cabinet knobs to your biggest appliances. Once the design is finalized and the completed agreement is signed, your products will be ordered and we’ll schedule the installation dates.


Halrich Homes will manage the entire renovation from initial consultation right through to the final construction phase. Depending on the scope of work, construction may begin before the cabinetry or other required materials arrives. Our meaningful approach to answer any clients’ questions takes the guess work out of the renovation process. This is the critical difference in Halrich Homes’s method and our competitors, and an absolutely necessary part of our service. Our experienced team will complete high-quality work, within the projected timeframe.

Build your dream home today.

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